Wake Up a Woman

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  1. 16 Sensual Ways To Wake Her Up With An Orgasm
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The next, your guy has pulled you into the bathroom for some silent sex because you just couldn't wait until you got home.

16 Sensual Ways To Wake Her Up With An Orgasm

Or maybe your first time traveling together involved pulling the car over onto an abandoned road so you could test your flexibility in the cramped car space. Putting the moves on your guy in the middle of the night capitalizes on the fact that, to put it simply, spontaneity is hot. Plus, since you'll be half asleep for most of it, the sex will have this dreamy quality that's hard to match when you're fully awake. There are a couple of things to address, namely, how to actually wake up and how far you should take the action before your guy is fully aware of what's going on.

If you're like me and wake up tons of times throughout the night, that makes it easy. Just fight the incredibly, almost bafflingly strong urge to go back to sleep. If you're the type who is out like a rock for hours as soon as you close your eyes, make the most of one of the few things that can rouse almost anyone: an "I've gotta pee" urge. Who hasn't been woken up by a full bladder?

After you hit the bathroom, you can get the action going. Yet another reason to stay extra-hydrated!

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You both look at each other and jokingly say, "I wish I were the other gender. Self Explanatory isn't it? You just wake up like normal until you discover who you are Actually not yourself. You are a girl in your class. Please leave empty:.

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Site 1 - 10 of 24 matches. You woke up as a woman.

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Forced to be a Woman? What would you do if you were a girl?

If you woke up as a sexy woman. What would you do if you woke up as a girl?


A girl for a day or more. If you woke up as a girl. Comments 1. Yet she remained in this comatose state for one day and then suddenly woke up with a GCS of 15, completely lucid and carrying normal conversation. This state only lasted for several hours before she fell back into a coma, which she shifted in and out of for the next several days.

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A lumbar puncture to evaluate for meningitis was not attempted in this case given that she had no fever, leukocytosis, tachycardia suggestive of infection, and consistently stable hemodynamics. Of note, the patient had no history of depression or schizophrenia to suggest that the symptoms may have been psychogenic. Diagnosis of exclusion led to the conclusion of hypoactive delirium and a trial of empiric low dose risperidone was attempted while the patient was awake and the patient never developed unresponsiveness again.

The underlying cause of the hypoactive delirium was never clear. Discussion: Delirium, as we frequently see it in the inpatient setting, is often associated with fluctuating states of lucidness and confusion, rapid shifts in attention or inability to focus, and agitation. In contrast, hypoactive delirium , which is commonly seen in the elderly population, is characterized by lethargy, slow response to questions and little motor movement. Here we described an extreme case of hypoactive delirium that resembled loss of consciousness. While this kind of presentation can initially be quite alarming, when life-threatening causes are ruled out and the mental status continues to fluctuate without a clear etiology, one should consider hypoactive delirium.