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Eurocommunism : yu-rokomyunizumu Eu.

English-japanese Dictionary

FACOM : fakomu facsimile : fakushim. Frisbee : furisubi- frivolity : uts. Geiger counter : gaiga-kaunta- geis. Gould : gu-rudo gourmand : guruman,. Helmholtz : herumuhorutsu helmsman. Honduras : honjerasu hone : kamisor.

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I am bothering you? Jackson : jakuson Jacobi : yakobi J. Japanese-German : nichidoku Japanes. Japanese meal : nihonshoku Japanese. JETRO : jetoro jetty : sanbashi, to.

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Kitsch : kicchu kitten : koneko Kiw. Kyoto and its environs : kyouchi Ky.

Leo : shishiza leopon : reopon leot. Manhattan : manhattan manhole : man. Markov transition : marukofusen'i m. Matterhorn : matta-ho-n matters : k. Michelangelo : mikeranjero Michelin. Moire : moare moisture : shikke, sh.


MPU : maikuropurosessa- Mr : misuta. Neumann : noiman Neumann-type comp. New Brunswick : nyu-buranzuuxikku n. Newfoundland : nyu-faundorando newl. Oedipus complex : edipusukonpurekku.


Old Parr : o-rudopa- old people : t. Oriental : touyoufuuno Oriental cou. Prime Minister's office : sourifu p. Meiji : ishin res. Russell : rasseru Russia : soren, r.

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Santa Cruz : santakuru-zu Santa Fe. Sea of Japan : nihonkai sea otter :. State Plan obs ru: Gosplan : go. Tab 1 : hyou table sm. The Theory of Relativity : soutaise. Trident : toraidento trident dagger. Zen questions? Now his designs were to take the upper city at that monument, and the temple at the tower of Antonia; for if the temple were not taken, it would be dangerous to keep the city itself; so at each of these parts he raised him banks, each legion raising one.

Commend me to Lord William: tell him, Catesby, His ancient knot of dangerous adversaries frank turner i still believe mp3 zip are let blood at Pomfret Castle; And bid my lord, for joy of this good news, Give Mistress Shore one gentle kiss the more. However, he was then too hard for them; and, in the several battles that were fought on both sides, he slew not fewer than fifty thousand of the Jews in the interval of six years. Now while Ananus was choosing out his men, and putting those that were proper for his purpose in array for fighting, the zealots got information of his undertaking, for there were some who went to them, and told them all that the people were doing, and were irritated at it, and leaping out of the temple in crowds, and by parties, spared none whom they met with.

The Wars of the Jews or History of the Destruction of Jerusalem 5 in our series by Flavius Josephus translated by William Whiston Copyright laws are changing all over the world, be sure to check the copyright laws for your country before posting these files!!