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  1. It’s time for Power to come clean about her ‘unmasking’ requests
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It’s time for Power to come clean about her ‘unmasking’ requests

Braavos' merchants carried false charts and lied when questioned about their home port. Eventually, the Sealord of Braavos , Uthero Zalyne , decided that enough time had passed for Braavos to reveal itself to the world. The Iron Bank of Braavos paid the dragonlords for the stolen ships, but refused to pay for the value of the slaves themselves.

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To this day, the anniversary of the Unmasking is celebrated in Braavos with a ten-day festival of feasting and masked revelry. It culminates on the midnight of the tenth day when the Titan of Braavos roars and tens of thousands of celebrants remove their masks as one. The Iron Bank of Braavos paid the settlements to the grandchildren of the owners of ships that Braavos 's founders stole making it a point, however, to not pay for the value of the slaves themselves.

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Ships were then sent forth throughout the world announcing the existence and location of Braavos and inviting men of all nations to the city to celebrate its th anniversary. The Valyrians accepted the money, but ultimately were more consumed with their own internal feuds and weren't really interested in the descendants of long-dead slaves living in an isolated city-state on the far borders of their territories, so they simply ignored Braavos and left it alone.

When they overheard him speaking to a "masked" individual about lifting Russian sanctions , the intelligence official it is unknown who requested his unmasking or who leaked his name would have likely wanted to know if Kislyak was speaking to a friend who had no connection to the topic, or if he was speaking to someone like Flynn, with a political position. The intelligence officials therefore needed Flynn's name "unmasked" to decide whether they should investigate that correspondence.

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Unmasking itself is not illegal. However, leaking an unmasked name to anyone is illegal.

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  • NSA Reports 75% Increase in Unmasking U.S. Identities Under Foreign Surveillance Law in 2018!
  • What is 'unmasking?' How intelligence agencies treat U.S. citizens.
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  • Here's what 'unmasking' — the phrase everyone keeps using about Susan Rice — means;
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    Unmasking | Definition of Unmasking at vertideci.ml

    It indicates a way to close an interaction, or dismiss a notification. There is a different calculation if someone from the White House names him. New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet was on his way out of town, and therefore unable to chat, when I got a hold of him to ask where his head was at on the matter. Washington Post executive editor Marty Baron told me he had nothing to add beyond a statement the Post issued Tuesday. We also withhold identities or other facts when we believe that publication would put an individual at risk.

    Both of those considerations apply in this case.